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With ambitions in education, comes a multitude of challenges as you seek to pursue your highest dreams. Just right loans have committed to rekindling the hopes of all the students that are earnestly seeking to secure their visions and future. We deeply understand the financial constraints that may be present in the academic journey. Therefore, we have introduced a scholarship program that will be available twice every year to facilitate the most suitable candidates.

$1,000 Scholarship Awards

It is with immense pleasure and jubilation that CCL6T Today Match Prediction announces the awarding of a total of $ 1,000 in scholarships to five winners in the CCL6T 2017 Scholarship Contest. Each scholarship is valued at $ 200.

The chief objective for awarding these scholarships is providing financial support to brilliant candidates. These are students may contribute to the future generations’ entrepreneurial talent, which is an integral part in society advancement.

The scholarship will go towards covering tuition fees of the awarded candidates in a bid to help them achieve their valuable dreams and create a lasting positive impact in the society. is a well-established organization with years of experience and understanding of the finance industry.

Therefore, identification of the most suitable candidates and winners is easy with our wealth of experience and expertise. The organization has been offering financial services to businesses of various sizes and growth stages.

We have a compassionate and sympathetic outlook towards all applicants throughout the selection process.

To further the agenda of support and success, we have introduced a new passage for the future entrepreneurs that will safely lead them to their highest visions.


High literacy level is the key to a successful society. If more students could be empowered to pursue their academic goals, the socio-economic impact they would create in the society is phenomenal and lasting. Unfortunately, not all students have had the support they so much deserve to advance their education and validate their innermost dreams.

With this in mind, We are responding to the call by offering scholarships opportunities to the eligible candidates.

Eligibility criteria

  • Should be a full-time student currently enrolled in an accredited educational institute
  • High school students and graduates are eligible to apply
  • Should have a GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • You must hold a status of strong academic standing

Application process

Interested students must come up with 1000 words essay, infographic or a video (3 minutes minimum) in any of the topics below:

  1. Cricket Prediction Algorithm


  2. Today Match Predictions programmed algorithms


  • You may create a 1000 word essay, infographic or a video with a 3 minutes minimum run time.
  • The solution in your presentation must be unique and exclusive.
  • You must include your cover letter together with:
  • Your full names
  • Phone number
  • Name of your college
  • Current academic year
  • Graduating year
  • Your contact details
  • Intended major
  1. For info-graphics attach an image with all the contact information.
  2. If you choose to make a video, please include a link to the video in your cover letter.

To apply, all interested students are requested to submit the application to [email protected]  no later than Mar 27th, 2018. The winners will be announced on 28th Sep 2018.

Acknowledgment and announcing the winners 3rd Dec 2018.

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