CCL 7: Mumbai Heroes Brand Ambassadors CCL 2017

The Mumbai Heroes Brand Ambassadors and much more here at CCL 7  season specialist site. The squad of the Mumbai Heroes is a splendid one and not only these brand ambassadors of the Mumbai Heroes are also superb as they motivate the players and support them also. Mumbai Heroes are having the two mind blowing brand ambassadors that are Huma Qureshi and Chitrangada Singh as these two are the gorgeous celebrities and they are Mumbai Heroes Brand Ambassadors.

Huma Quresi performs superb in her recent movies and she is very popular among her fans and viewers. These are the brand ambassadors that present the courage and motivation to the players to put up surprising in the mega event for them.

Due to her talent she becomes the brand ambassador of the Mumbai Heroes team.

Mumbai Heroes Brand Ambassadors Celebrity Cricket League 2017

Chitrangada Singh:

On the other side, Chitrangada Singh is the famous TV actress and now she is getting the fame in Bollywood just because of her talent. Because of her talent she is considered as the beautiful and mind blowing actress.

Mumbai Heroes Brand Ambassadors CCL 2016

Huma Qureshi:

Mumbai Heroes team are having two brand ambassadors and Huma Qureshi is one of them. Huma Qureshi performed as the Heroine in different Bollywood movies. And she is getting very popular among her fans and the team is also getting popularity due to their beautiful brand ambassadors.

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