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CCL 7: Kerala Strikers Official Theme Song CCL 2017

Oh Yeah! its time for fresh Kerala Strikers official theme song CCL 2017! Make way for the Kerala strikers! In celebrity cricket league 2017, they are ready to be seen in a new avatar this time, with a bold theme song which clearly shows off the team’s confidence of winning this 2017 Celebrity Cricket League 7.

The team has always showed the great potential of winning the game and is usually seen making it till the finals. they have been there in the finals earlier in 2014 and made it till the semi finals in 2013, it lost the finale matches due to lack of coordination and some major drawbacks in their final game play. Listen this Kerala Strikers official theme song CCL 2017.

Now it’s time, the team does extraordinary hard work and take the trophy home in celebrity cricket league 2016. Not only that but the team has come up with bold players and an enthusiastic theme song which indeed leaves its supporters in a mood of stronger cheers than before. The team is owned by Lissy priyadarshan mainly who is a renowned Malayalam actress; basically, the team shows the molly wood film industry. Check the video for Kerala Strikers official theme song CCL 2016:

Kerala Strikers Official Theme Song CCL 2016 – Youtube Video

The theme song of Kerala strikers consists of remarkable rhymes and music which can make anyone dance with cheers. The song made into showbiz with a grand launch by cricketer shri nath and actor prithavi raj, which indeed gathered a huge number of supporters for the team.

Kerala Strikers Official Theme Song CCL 2016

The song was written by G.S Arun and was composed by A.R Reheman. The lyrics of the song clearly says, “We are the Kerala Strikers, Make way” which has been marked as one of the boldest entries so far in the games of CCL. It says that this game is ours in the song and more than the song it’s the video which has shown the versatile culture in Kerala as a state, from Kathakali, classical singing, and boat race to the coconuts it has given every aspect of Kerala its share in the video.

The celebrities are the highlights of this team for they gather both supporters and sponsors for the team and its players. Moreover, the theme song of the team Kerala strikers is based on the authentic cultures of Kerala. More than the song, its video has managed to win the hearts of the Keralites by showing all the beauties of Gods own country. From dances to boat racing the video has managed to show everything, so as to light up the native spirit in each one’s heart.

And the brand ambassadors of this powerful team is two gorgeous ladies from the Malayalam film industry who are known for their versatile and renowned acting talents and they are Bhavna and Mythalli, who are talented enough to gain a maximum number of supporters for the team and its players. All our players are with Kerala strikers team lets see if they can improve their game play to perfection and win the trophy and make Kerala and its people proud. You can also read about Kerala Strikers Brand Ambassadors in the provided article for CCL 2017.

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