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CCL7: Karnataka Bulldozers Theme Song CCL 2017

The Karnataka Bulldozers Official Theme Song CCL 2017 details: As it is precisely said by the official site of CCL, it brings together India’s Biggest Entertainment Industries- Cricket and Films. The 8 teams are a close competition for each other. Among them is the Karnataka Bulldozers which has recently come up with its team song.

The new Karnataka Bulldozers Official Theme Song CCL 2017‘ Team Members has been released. The song is titled ‘Karnataka Bulldozers’ and is creating a huge buzz among everybody. It is sung by two super talented singers who have already done miracles for our film industry. Undoubtedly, they are Kunal and Sonu Nigam. Though it is sung in Kannada, even hearing it without conceiving the language is not monotonous.

The video of Karnataka Bulldozers Official Theme Song CCL 2016 features the entire squad and showcases their team spirit. It is extremely invigorating to look at the team’s warm unity. The focus of the song is victory and passion. Every team has its inside secrets, bonds and aims. After watching the video, it intrigues us to know them all. The captain of the team is Sudeep and it is owned by Ashok Kheny. The team is dominated by all-rounders while Dharma is the only Batsman.

Karnataka Bulldozers Official Theme Song CCL 2016

Their culture is beautifully portrayed in the video by the dance and beats which add a lot of ardour of dedication. Just as the song starts, the beats feel like pushing us to shake a leg. The energy is aggrandized whenever we see a crowd of people hooting and supporting the teams. There are glimpses of a kid dancing in the video and the team members have also swayed in between. All of this makes it sheer entertainment for all the viewers. The singers have also been a part of the video.

Karnataka Bulldozers Official Theme Song CCL 2016 Video – YouTube

Every ball is favourable to the Karnataka Bulldozers team in the video. It is a great encouragement for the team and supporters. Triumph is celebrated by the team throughout the song. Hard work brings the much yearned success and this is like a call for it. For a few seconds, the song gets a female singer too which gives a greater versatility to the song.

If you haven’t heard and watched their song, you are missing a lot! Experience the culture like you never had. Just a click away for you to enjoy their beats. And you will be having a new favourite!

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