ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2016 Schedule, Fixtures & Time Table

The Twenty20 India 2016 World Cup schedule has been officially announced. The year is coming to an end and we can’t wait for the Twenty20 2016 which will be hosted in India to start. All the excitement, the thrill, debates and discussions, victory dances is what makes T20 seasons all the more longed for. The International Cricket Council recently announced the Twenty20 India 2016 schedule on Friday. The men’s and women’s matches are going to be held from 8th March to 3rd April 2016 at over eight decided venues in India.

T20 cricket world cup 2016 is just around the corner and teams have been preparing hard for the battle and almost all the countries participating in this tournament are playing T20I series at the moment in the bid to finalize their preparations for the mega event of cricket. This T20 event is certainly going to be one of the biggest cricket tournaments ever with 16 teams taking part in the tournament to play 35 matches in total. Yes, this certainly calls for entertainment, roaring crowds and some of the most exciting cricket matches for the cricket fanatics.

The 27 days long tournament will stage 58 matches in total, which are 35 men’s matches and 23 women’s matches. With New Delhi and Mumbai being the host for the Semi-Final Matches, the Finals will be held at Eden Gardens in Kolkata on 3rd April.

ICC World T20 2016 World Cup Schedule India

The ICC World T20 2016 World Cup Schedule India goes as follows:

Men’s T20 Matches World Cup 2016 India

First Round Groups

Group A: Bangladesh, Netherlands, Ireland and Oman

Group B: Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Scotland and Afghanistan. Here we go with the rest of complete ICC World T20 2016 World Cup Schedule:

Second Round Groups

Group A Group B
Srilanka India
South africa Pakistan
West indies Australia
England Newzeland
Winner Group B (Q1B) Winner Group A (Q1A)

Men’s Twenty20 Matches 2016 World Cup India

Group A: Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Srilanka and Ireland

Group B: England, West Indies, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

ICC World T20 2016 World Cup Schedule

Women’s Twenty20 Matches 2016 World Cup India

Group A: Australia, South Africa, Newzeland, Srilanka and Ireland

Group B: England, West Indies, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Tournament Schedule

1. 8TH March 2016, Tuesday Zimbabwe vs. Hong Kong Nagpur PM
2. 8TH March 2016, Tuesday Scotland vs. Afghanistan Nagpur EVE
3. 9TH March 2016, Wednesday Bangladesh vs. Netherlands Dharamshala PM
4. 9th march 2016, Wednesday Ireland vs. Oman Dharamshala EVE
5. 10th march 2016, Thursday Scotland vs. Zimbabwe Nagpur PM


6. 10th march 2016, Thursday Hong Kong vs. Afghanistan Nagpur EVE
7. 11th march 2016,  Friday Netherlands vs. Oman Dharamshala PM
8. 11th march 2016, Friday Bangladesh vs. Ireland Dharamshala EVE
9. 12TH march 2016,Saturday Zimbabwe vs. Afghanistan Nagpur PM
10. 12th march 2016, Saturday Scotland vs. Hong Kong Nagpur EVE
11. 13th march 2016, Sunday Netherlands vs. Ireland Dharamshala PM
12. 13th march 2016, Sunday Bangladesh vs. Oman Dharamshala EVE
13. 15th march 2016, Tuesday New Zealand vs. India Nagpur EVE
14. 16th march 2016, Tuesday West indies vs. England Mumbai PM
15. 16th march 2016, Wednesday Pakistan vs.


Kolkata EVE
16. 17th march 2016, Thursday Srilanka vs. Q1B Kolkata EVE
17. 18Th march 2016, Friday Australia vs. New Zealand Dharamshala PM
18. 18th march 2016, Friday South Africa vs. England Mumbai EVE
19. 19th march 2016, Saturday India vs. Pakistan Dharmshala EVE
20. 20th march 2016, Sunday South Africa vs. Q1B Mumbai PM
21. 20th march 2016, Sunday Sri Lanka vs. west indies Bengaluru EVE
22. 21st march 2016, Monday Australia vs. Q1A Bengaluru EVE
23. 22nd march 2016, Tuesday New Zealand Vs. Pakistan Mohali EVE
24. 23rd march 2016, Wednesday England vs. Q1B New Delhi PM
25. 23rs march 2016, Wednesday India vs. Q1A Bengaluru EVE


25th march 2016, Friday Pakistan vs. Australia Mohali PM


27. 25TH March 2016, Friday South Africa vs. west indies Nagpur EVE
28. 26th march 2016, Saturday Q1A vs. New Zealand Kolkata PM
29. 26th march 2016, Saturday England vs. Sri Lanka New Delhi EVE
30. 27th march 2016, Sunday India vs. Australia Mohali EVE
31. 27th march 2016, Sunday Q1B vs. west indies Nagpur PM
32. 28th march 2016, Monday South Africa vs. Sri Lanka New Delhi EVE
33. 30th march 2016, Wednesday Super 10 group 1 2nd vs. super 10 group 2 1st New Delhi EVE
34. 31st march 2016, Thursday Super 10 group 1 2nd vs. super 10 group 2 1st Mumbai EVE
35. 3rd April 2016, Sunday final Kolkata EVE

Mr Anurag Thakur BCCI Secretary said in an interview that,

“We, as hosts, are fully prepared to organise one of the most entertaining spectacles in world cricket. We draw experience from hosting three ICC Cricket World Cups and are ready to make the ICC World Twenty20 India 2016 one of the most memorable events.

That was the main announced schedule for the forthcoming T20 World Cup.

Hence, the whole world including India is eagerly waiting for the heart pumping ICC World Twenty20 India 2016 event.

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