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The Green Park Stadium is located in Kanpur, India the home of the Uttar Pradesh Cricket team and it is a multipurpose stadium with a floodlight facility for the day and light cricket matches. The Sports department Uttar Pradesh is controlling the stadium. This is the stadium in the Uttar Pradesh that has been hosted many tests and One day international cricket matches.c

Madam Green was the cause of the name of the ground as Green Park Stadium Kanpur who is a fund of horse riding in the 1940’s. It is the only stadium, which also has gallery for the students. One more thing is that it has the largest manual scorecard of the world. Video screens are also fitted in this ground which is just for the use in the international matches.

The test match in which India have won from the Australia first time is the Green Park Stadium Kanpur. In ensuring the India’s win Jasubhai Patel’s 14 wickets were the way. On the turf wicket it was also the first match between India and Australia.

Green Park Stadium Kanpur

On the same ground by getting 9 wickets in an inning for 102 runs Subhash Gupte only one wicket he has missed which was dropped by the wicket keeper Naren Tamhane. The Pitch at the Green Park stadium is a basically supporter for the spinner bowlers and some grand performance have been given by the great players Jasubhai Patel and Subhash Gupte etc.

Green Park Stadium Kanpur’s Ground Information:

  1. Site: Kanpur
  2. Establishment: 1945
  3. Capacity: 45,000
  4. Owner: Uttar Pradesh Government
  5. Operator: UPCA
  6. Tenants: Uttar Pradesh Cricket Team
  7. End Names: Mill Pavilion End and Hostel End

International Information:

  • First ODI: 24 December 1986, India vs Sri Lanka
  • Last ODI: 27 November 2013, India vs West Indies
  • First Test: 14 January 1952, India vs England
  • Last Test: 24-27 November 2009, India vs Sri Lanka

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