Celebrity Cricket League 2016 with Khans

Now Bollywood Khans are coming to celebrity cricket league 6 (CCL 2016). India is a country where people have their faiths tied to n number of religions. The diversity is the very soul of our society. But there are two religions that are followed by most people regardless of caste or sect, gender or economical status… Cricket and entertainment. And what results when you construct a slab residing on two of the most important pillars of Indian culture. The energetic star studded Celebrity Cricket League 6. The idea at first seemed dubious to be a success model but that is so 5 years back.

With its sixth season just about a month away, CCL 2016 has been the perfect blend of action, sports and drama. And who better to be the locus of all the fun and excitement than the much talked about Khan Family. Owner of the team and an integral part of it is the ever smiling charming ecstatic Sohail Khan. With brother Arbaaz and sister–in-law Malaika Arora Khan on his side, the Khans certainly knows how to enjoy themselves in CCL 2016 season.

All geared up for the CCL 6th season, Mumbai Heroes will hope to have a better result this time around as they have passed 5 of the previous seasons without even an appearance in tournament decider but then the CCL 2016 has never been about winning, it has been the pinnacle of stress free yet nail biting and fun loving cricket always pampered by nothing but smiles from all directions.

Celebrity Cricket League 2016 with Khans

So let’s hope for the best of the results for our khans and wish that they keep enjoying themselves and entertain us with all their might and that their efforts will be followed by success this time around.

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