Bhojpuri Dabanggs Team Squad CCL 7, Brand Ambassadors, Team Kits & Logos 2017

Its time to introduce the Bhojpuri Dabanggs team squad CCL 7, 2017, brand ambassadors, team kits and logos. By observing the recent seasons we got to know that the Bhojpuri Dabanggs is having the splendid and mind blowing squad as in the squad the bowlers, batsmen and all rounder’s are placed that is the biggest reason of their mind blowing performance in the recent seasons of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2017.

In the 4th season of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) the act from the Bhojpuri Dabanggs was excellent one as they were first time reached at the semi-final stage.

This will be the 4th season of the Bhojpuri Dabanggs in this league as in the first two seasons; they were not the part of this league.

Bhojpuri Dabanggs played their first season as the third edition of the CCL in 2013. Bhojpuri Dabanggs are having the magnificent players in the squad that indicates that they are having the guts to entertain you in an amazing way against the opponents in the game. Bhojpuri Dabanggs Team Squad CCL 6 are as under:

Bhojpuri Dabanggs Team Squad      

  1. Vaibhav Rai
  2. Aditya Ojha
  3. Yash Kumar
  4. Ram Pravesh
  5. Yadavshatrughan
  6. Sushil Singh
  7. Ravi Kishan
  8. Vikrant Singh
  9. Ayaz Khan
  10. Diesh Lal Yadav
  11. Manoj Tiwari
  12. Ajhoy Sharm
  13. Jay Prakash Yadav
  14. Pawan Singh
  15. Praksh Jais
  16. Akbar Naqvi
  17. Alok Kumar
  18. Vikash SIngh
  19. Uday Tiwari
  20. Pratap Dwivedi
  21. Kumargajender

Bhojpuri Dabanggs Team Squad

Bhojpuri Dabanggs Team Kits & Logos:

Bhojpuri Dabanggs Logo

Bhojpuri Dabanggs Brand Ambassadors

  • Jacky Bhangani
  • Subhi Sharma
  • Akshara Singh
  • Pakhi Hedge

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Officials of Bhojpuri Dabanggs

  1. Rahul Ahluwalia (Therapist)
  2. Vikas Singh (Team Manager)
  3. Mohit Kamboj (Owner)
  4. Aksha Kamboj ( Owner)
  5. Surendra Mehta (Chief Advisor)

Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) has announced their squad for the sixth edition of the CCL and the squad is having the all rounder players in it that will definitely present the tough time to the oppositions. Moreover, that the Bhojpuri Dabanggs has the four brand ambassadors.

In the very first season the Bhojpuri Dabanggs were unsuccessful to put up well and this result in the fall of them in the group stage round of the third season, but that was the first one of them in this league.

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