CCL 7: Bengal Tigers CCL 2017 Official Theme Song

The Bengal Tigers official theme song CCL 2017 is being released. The team of Bengal Tigers in the Celebrity Cricket League 6 that represents the most reputed Cinema or Film Industry in India has released their official song this season with great enthusiasm and excitement. The Bengal Tigers CCL 2017 Official Theme Song is mesmerising, and typical, with all the ONG’s rhyming with Long, Pong, and Bong that to the musical waves of Bengal’s new theme song danced celebrities around India which gathered a huge crowd of followers for the team.

The team is owned by Boney Kapoor and his spouse Sri Devi, who are the prominent figures in the Celebrity Cricket League, the song was officially launched on 20 DEC 2012 but still has a special place in the hearts of the Celebrity Cricket League followers. The song represents the culture as well as the unity of the people of Bengal, which indeed fills each Bengali’s hearts with great enthusiasm and cheers for the team. The Video too features the classical Bengal and also the crowded, busy streets of Bengal, from Howrah Bridge to the goddess Durga.

Bengal Tigers CCL 2017 Official Theme Song Details

With a roar of the lion, the Bengal Tigers made an impressive entry in the games of Celebrity Cricket League 2016. Currently, the team holds 14 fantastic players with great winning potential and gameplay. For Celebrity Cricket League 2016 the captain of the team will be Mr Jishuu, who is an all-rounder in cricket, who has excelled in both batting and balling and evidently holds the potential to lead the team towards winning.

Bengal Tigers CCL 2016 Official Theme Song

Moving on to the coach of this powerful team, Mr. Sushil Sakarya who has an extraordinary potential and enthusiasm for cricket will be training the team for CCL 6.


After all, this the song itself is enough to fill the people with enthusiasm, moreover, the song holds many funny yet direct slangs that are the best to entertain as well as grab attention of the Indian followers. This song has been composed in three languages – Bengali, Hindi and English so that a several number of supporters could be gathered. The song contains too many slangs and voices that make the song more vibrant and attractive to be seen, plus the video of the song will not let you control your laughter, it has all those little elements which make Bengal a place full of vibrancies and cheers.

Bengal Tigers Official Theme Song CCL 2017 Video

Here we go the official video of Bengal Tigers CCL 2017 Official Theme Song:-

But the most important thing after all the cheers lies in the team’s constant practice and hard work. So keep them in your prayers since it will be the team’s ongoing and determined hard work that will bring Bengal the glory and honor of winning the Celebrity Cricket League, So friends hold your heart beats for the CCL 2016 is here with the Tigers coming up with their show. You can also read about the Bengal Tigers Team Logo & Kits, Bengal Tigers team squad and Bengal Tigers Brand Ambassadors.

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