Australia Team Squad ICC T20 World Cup 2016

For Australia Team Squad ICC T20 World Cup 2016‘ the year 2016 can bring home one more trophy for the team which has already proven its supremacy and dominance in the World Cricket. The team which has won the prestigious Cricket World Cup five times (1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015). Yes! You guessed it right! We are talking about the mighty team Australia.

The Australian fans have everything to cheer about. From team’s batting to bowling and fielding, everything is well-organized and nothing could stop the Kangaroos to add another title and give their fans some action moments, if they tread upon the Indian grounds in full might. The team will look forward to bolster their squad in order to clinch their first ever T20 World Cup trophy most probably under the captaincy of Steve Smith.

Let’s sneak a look at Australia’s probable squad (Australia Team Squad ICC T20 World Cup 2016):


Here we come with Australia Team Squad ICC T20 World Cup 2016:

  • Steve Smith (c)
  • George Bailey
  • Aaron Finch
  • David Warner
  • Shane Watson
  • Brad Haddin (wk)
  • Mitchell Johnson
  • Mitchell Stark
  • Glenn Maxwell
  • James Faulkner
  • Josh Hazelwood
  • Pat Cummins
  • Nathan Lyon

Australia Team Squad ICC T20 World Cup 2016


Both batting and bowling side of the Kangaroos have already proven themselves in this year’s World Cup. In the batting department, David Warner’s, Steve Smith’s, Glenn Maxwell’s and all-rounders James Faulkner’s and Shane Watson’s hot-forms would suffice for the World Champions to make a huge target. In the bowling department, the wicket-taking deliveries of the trio ‘Mitchells’- Stark, Johnson and Marsh, along with James Faulkner and all-rounder Shane Watson, would fall heavily like Thor’s hammer upon the opposition.


Taking a glance at the current scenario of the Australian cricket team, there seems no sign of weakness in the squad. With each player in the best of his form, the only concern which should scare the Kangaroos would be team’s fitness. Team Australia would despise the injury to any of their in-form players as it could prove to be the weakest link for them.


Batting: David Warner, Steve Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Shane Watson and James Faulkner. Bowling: Mitchell Stark, Mitchell Johnson, Shane Watson, James Faulkner and Josh Hazelwood. When they come with full force on the ground, it’s like hell unleashed with only destruction of their opponent team on their agenda. Beware!!! The Mighty Aussies are returning.

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  1. Kedarnauth prabunauth

    Australia will be the 2016 t20 champions because thats my team n i sure they will win it go Aussie

    1. aus will be won the world cup 2016

    2. Yes if the right team is selected I agree with you. Just wish Mitchell Johnston was playing. I miss him terribly..

    3. Yes if the right team is selected I agree with you Aust will win. Just wish Mitchell Johnston was playing. I miss him terribly..

  2. (Y)…..for team australia
    Bcoz all players are too gud .. all players play for win some how not for himself thats great ……….
    It is only the key point to win

  3. I think Usman kawaja must be needed in the squad for icc t20 2016

  4. aus is a world stongest team ,aus will be won the 2016 t 20 world cup

  5. australia won the t20world cup

  6. India is the world’s best T20 team and it will win surely

  7. I think
    West indies

  8. I think west indies wo the world cup

  9. Well prove Australia so
    Different attack this t20 world cup

  10. I think this year Australia will capture this title for the first time in world cricket…

  11. I think Australia will win this year

  12. South africa yahooo win the world cup inshallah…

  13. I think Australia will win this year

  14. I think afganistan hahahahaha…

  15. Australia has win today..

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