English Bowler James Anderson Haircut 2017 “Cricketer’s Fashion”

If you are a cricket fanatic you’d definitely be interested in everything your players do, whether it is a date with their new girlfriend or a crispy new hairstyle that they reveal on the cricket field or a fashion show. With lots of cricket players coming in from all over the world, and cricket becoming more of a brand, the personal styles of players are getting increased hype and fame. Every player wants to look like an icon and they really give great importance to the style they adopt. Besides what they wear, the hairstyles and haircuts are highlighted greatly in the media. Furthermore, these personal styles help players grab media attention and stay in the news as well.

Amidst all the most stylish players that we have seen over the years from around the world, James Anderson has really been a fashion icon. From his early days to the days of his sheer success, he has managed to keep himself in style all the time, both on the field and off the field. Anderson has been a personal favorite for many when it comes to being in style. James Anderson haircuts have been the most popular ones among young guys and they really love to style like their favorite icon. Let’s take a look at some hairstyle transitions that the popular British player has gone through.

James Anderson Hairstyles

For most part during his career, Anderson has kept it short and nice. However, he did break that inclination sometimes when he chose to grow his hair a bit longer. Another key fact hair is that when you look at James Anderson hairstyles over the years, you will find that he had long or short spikes most of the times. Here are some popular James Anderson hairstyles that you’d want to look at.

  • Long Spikes: Anderson wore this hairstyle for quite some time. Growing his hair long, he styled them in a casual way to form that spiky look. Though it was not so neat but it looked great on him.
  • Short Spikes: The most prevalent of his haircuts is the short spikes. He used to have a short haircut and then applied a styling product to get the spiky look. He looks most astonishing in this beautiful short men haircut 2017.
  • The Side Part: Anderson has also kept a standard side part as well. For this hairstyle he got his hair cut to normal length and a rough side part helped him achieve a gorgeous look. Though it was not a clean line but still the hair was parted from a side.
  • Crew Cut: Crew cut is another short hairstyle that Anderson loved to wear in the middle of his cricketing career. Styling all the hair straight down, he used to lift the front hair from the middle to get this style. The crew cut variation suited his looks perfectly.

James Anderson Haircut 2017

The styles keep on evolving with time and the English cricket star also believes in changing his hairstyles so that he may not look too monotonous.

James Anderson Hairstyle 2017

As the New Year is approaching, the speedster has already got a new haircut to get an amazing new look for his fans to cherish. Let’s take a look at what he has got for us now.

James Anderson Haircut 2017

Short Haircut With Simple Fade

Changing the old trend of short spiky hair, Anderson has now come up with yet another short haircut but this time it’s accompanied by a simple fade. Fading haircuts look great on middle-aged men and that’s exactly the case with Anderson as well. He looks really cool in this new hairstyle of his. With faded sides, the hair is very short on sides and back but the hair on top are kept to medium length. Styled towards the right, the hair on top give a completely new and fresh look to the English cricket team’s pacer!

Well, no matter which hairstyle he adopts, James Anderson is a real star and he’ll keep on impressing his fans with his superb performances on the field. If you’re still interested in his hairstyles more than anything else, rest assured that there are still a lot more to come as 2017 is just about to start.

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